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Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel

Reserve 30

The EWS is strict—break certain parts and you DNF. The rule’s meant to encourage sensible management of equipment, but it’s also tipped the balance in favor of toughness and reliability. Enter the Reserve 30. Its 30mm internal width supports a 2.3-2.5” tire and the thick rim beads stand up to the abuse of tough, rocky, steep tracks ridden at elite speed. While DH rims see greater single impacts, nothing beats the full weekend of regular abuse that an EWS race dishes out. To say nothing of the infamous 'Anti-Grip' and the rocks buried within the moondust in the Andes of Chile.
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Detail

Wheel Size


Hub Options

Chris King
$2,199 USD
I9 Hydra
$1,899 USD
DT 350
$1599 USD
Rim Only
$599 USD
Chris King
$2,199 USD

Details - 29" Chris King

  • Price
    $2,199 USD
  • Hub
    Chris King
  • Wheelset Weight
  • Wheel Type
  • Internal Width
  • Spoke Count
  • ERD
  • Asymmetric Offset
  • Recommended Tire Width
    2.3 - 2.6 in.
  • Driver Options
  • Brake Options
  • Depth
  • Endcap Options
  • Hub Spacing
Catching air in the woods.
Catching air in the woods.

More Reserve

Swapping trail riding for downhill tracks more often than not? The Reserve DH was built for World Cup teams.

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Ebike Compatibility

We have paired the Reserve DH rear wheel with a Reserve 30 Front for use on our ebikes. The added strength of the rear wheel compliments the additional weight of an ebike and the proven design of the Reserve 30 will keep you headed in the right direction. The Reserve ebike wheelsets are available in 27.5”, 29”, and MX configurations and you can choose from DT 350 (MSRP: $1649 USD) or I9 Hydra Hubs (MSRP: $1949 UDS).

Customers outside the US: Please contact your local Reserve retailer for pricing.  

Lifetime Support

Lifetime. Not limited. If you do actually manage to break our rim while out riding, we'll replace it for free.

See the full lifetime guarantee or register your new set of Reserve wheels.


Take Reserve for a spin at either your local retailer or one of our Demo events in North America, Germany, France, and the UK. Learn more here.

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Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Skid
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel Sending It
Reserve 30 Mountain Wheel at Sunset